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Best E-liquid Vape Flavors 2022

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Vape Street Best E-liquid Vape Flavor 2022: ORGNX E-Liquids, Cloud Nurdz, Kilo E-Liquids, Bams Cannoli

Find the best e-liquid from the most popular categories Candy, Cereal, Dessert, Drinks, Fruity Menthol, and Tobacco. We have gathered the best from each category and proudly present them to you. 

Some vapers (including ex-smokers) can’t stand the tobacco flavor, while others don’t like fruity flavors. It can be a long road of testing different vape juice brands and flavor types to find the one you like most. Thankfully most juices fit into basic flavor profiles (although there can be some crossover). So, if you have a sense of which flavor profiles you like, check our list below that lines out the best vape brands and flavors – remember, the taste is subjective. However, we think these are great vape liquids to try out.

Difference between Freebase and Salt

Freebase nicotine is a form of nicotine that is created from tobacco plants. It creates a strong throat hit, which can feel too strong at super high nicotine levels. It is purer and contains fewer additives in comparison to nicotine salt. Nicotine salts are created with benzoic acid, which is absorbed by the body and has an effect on your brain faster because of its low pH levels. It is designed to allow you to vape at higher nicotine strengths without getting the rough throat hit that you would typically experience.

Freebase and Salt Nicotine have been available for a few years now, but are still a relatively new phenomenon, creating new innovations in the industry with the upcoming TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine) version of these two types of nicotine forms. Salt Nic is produced by slightly altering freebase nicotine. In most cases, this alteration results in a smoother hit and a more satisfying vape. This is because of nicotine’s chemistry and its interaction with your body.

The two main differences between freebase nicotine and nicotine salt are the chemical content and how the body absorbs it. Freebase nicotine is composed of a hundred percent pure tobacco extract. In contrast,  salt nicotine, the extract has been blended with various additives to make it smoother on the throat and less harsh to inhale.

What are PG and VG?

PG and VG are food-safe liquids that make up the bulk of an e-liquid or vape juice. PG stands for 'propylene glycol,' and VG stands for 'vegetable glycerin.’ When they are mixed, they form a viscous liquid that is vaporized by heating in an e-cigarette or vaporizer. Both PG and VG have their benefits. PG is more viscous, which means it's thicker and thus produces more vapor when heated. It also has a slightly sweeter taste than VG, which some people prefer. On the other hand, VG is thicker than water, so it tends to produce less vapor when heated but also has a sweet taste that some people enjoy more than PG's natural flavor.

Does vape juice go bad and expire?

Yes, vape juice does expire. This means that the liquid will lose its flavor or, even worse, become toxic to consume. There are no federal regulations on vape juice expiration dates, but some manufacturers may put a date on the package just for safety reasons. Vape juice is usually composed of propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings. E-liquid is also what we call 'shelf-stable.’  This means that it takes longer for it to expire than other liquids like milk or juices. E-liquids have a shelf life of about two years from the manufacturing date when stored at room temperature in a dark place with little humidity.

What temperature should you vape your e-liquid?

The perfect temperature for vaping is between 390 and 490 degrees Fahrenheit or 199 and 255 degrees Celsius. Vaping at the right temperature will give you a better taste, more vapor, and a smoother throat hit. It also protects your atomizer and keeps it from burning out prematurely. The vaporizer has a built-in thermometer that measures the temperature of the airflow coming out of the vape. The higher or lower you set it, the hotter or cooler your vapor will be. Doing so offers a consistent flavor with each draw and eliminates dry hits, which are caused by inhaling too hot of vapor.

Top Flavor In Each Category 2022

It’s important to know what flavors are popular in each category. The top flavor in each category is listed from the most popular flavors in each category. Learn about them below.

Fruity Flavor


Vape Street: ORGNX Mango Ice

ORGNX Mango Ice

New from the award-winning e-liquid line, ORGNX comes Mango Ice a pure an authentic mango flavor with menthol that will have you wanting more. Right off the bat, Mango Ice takes you on a journey of pure mango with an exciting touch of menthol that continues to linger in your mouth for a truly unforgettable experience.



Vape Street: Pod Juice Hyde Fuji Apple Freeze

Pod Juice Hyde Fuji Apple Freeze

Pod Juice Hyde Fuji Apple Freeze Salt TFN is the latest version of Fuji Apple Chilled, fusing sweet fuji apples and cool refreshing menthol with the same intensity and crispiness as before. Pod Juice has joined with Hyde to carefully craft a fusion of sweet fuji apples and chilled menthol.


Candy Flavor


Vape Street: Cloud Nurdz Strawberry Lemon

Cloud Nurdz Strawberry Lemon

Cloud Nurdz Strawberry Lemon takes a tart lemon flavor and combines it with a sweet strawberries for delectable and explosive candy vape flavor. Perfect for a delicious all-day vape. If you're a fan of candy E-Juice then you'll love Strawberry Lemon from Cloud Nurdz.



Vape Street: The Finest Cotton Clouds

The Finest Cotton Clouds

The Finest SaltNic Cotton Clouds Menthol is a take on your favorite carnival treat, it's a sweet pink and blue cotton candy that melts in your mouth. The exciting thing about this flavor is that instead of getting pure candy sweetness throughout you feel a refreshing menthol sensation.


Cereal Flavor


Vape Street: The Milk Berry Crunch Monster Vape Labs

The Milk Berry Crunch

The Milk Berry Crunch is a sweet berry cereal vape juice blend made by one of the industry's most popular brands, Monster Vape Labs. The Milk Berry Crunch has a flavor profile of cereal milk and mixed berry flavor, making it a delicious yet satisfying breakfast vape.



Vape Street: Kilo Revival TFN Salt Nic Cereal Milk

Kilo Revival TFN Salt Nic Cereal Milk

Kilo Revival TFN Salt Nic Cereal Milk is a delicious rendition of a fruit loops cereal drenched with creamy milk. It's available in a 30mL squeeze bottle and comes in tobacco-free salt Nicotine strength 30mg and 50mg.


Dessert Flavor


Vape Street: Blueberry Jam Line

Sad Boy Blueberry Jam Line

SadBoy E-Liquid has perfected its classic original flavor to bring you the same delicious taste you know to love. For all the vape dessert lovers, this delicious e-juice brings your favorite blueberry jam into an all-day vape juice that your taste buds will be sure to love!



Vape Street: Taro Cheesecake The Mamasan

The Mamasan Taro Cheesecake

Taro Cheesecake by The Mamasan is a traditional Filipino dessert flavor Ubé cheesecake, it will make any occasion more festive.Consists of decadent cheesecake and Filipino purple yams, to create a dessert vape inspired by Ubé cheesecake that will leave you wanting more.


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Drinks Flavor


Vape Street: Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade

Twist E-liquids Pink Punch Lemonade

Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade is one of the most sought-after beverage ejuice Flavor in the vape market. Pink Punch Lemonade is a freshly squeezed lemonade combined with a sweet and tart strawberry syrup.



Vape Street: Daze 7 Fusion Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon

Daze 7 Fusion Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon

Looking for refreshing vape juice drink flavors? Check out Daze 7 Fusion Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon! A tantalizing combination of tart and sweet flavors, difficult to resist.Blending the tastiest fruits is what makes the Fusion line by 7 Daze so unique.


Menthol Flavor


Vape Street: ORGNX Eliquids TFN Zero Degrees

ORGNX Eliquids TFN Zero Degrees

ORGNX Eliquids TFN Zero Degrees is the tobacco-free nicotine version of the highly-rated Zero Degrees. It mimics the flavor of a winter fresh bubble. Get a cooling blast of menthol with hints of sweetness. Now available in tobacco-free nicotine.



Vape Street: ORGNX Salt Nic Lychee Ice

ORGNX Salt Nic Lychee Ice

ORGNX ELiquid takes a sweet exotic fruit known as lychee and creates the perfect rendition! Lychee Ice is a straight lychee flavored ELiquid with menthol for a refreshing and satisfying all day vape.


Tobacco Flavor


Vape Street: Tobacco TFN by BLVK

Tobacco TFN by BLVK

Tobacco TFN by BLVK is a flavor that is meant to be enjoyed, just like a traditional tobacco cigar with a hint of caramel. BLVK delivers top-notch tobacco Flavor that are the pinnacle of tobacco flavor excellence.



Vape Street: NKD 100 Salt Euro Gold

NKD 100 Salt Euro Gold

NKD 100 Salt TFN Euro Gold is a smooth and light tobacco flavor with hints of sweet honey. Euro Gold is light but still flavorful making it perfect for all-day vaping.


Final Thoughts

The best way to find the perfect e-liquid vape flavor for you is to explore each flavor category and try out a few different flavors. Some people will prefer fruit flavors while others may prefer dessert flavors. The flavors that have been released this year are some of the best ones yet and there will be more to come in 2022.

There are many vape juice companies that offer a variety of flavors, so it is important to be aware of what is available before you make your purchase.

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    I am searching for fog works cotton candy 6mg e juice or similar
    . I am tired of sucky cotton candy e juice. I want a good e juice that tastes like cotton candy. My old vape shop used to carry fog works before they closed for good. Any help will get you a sale.

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