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Tobacco Free Nicotine(also known as TFN or Synthetic Nicotine) E-Liquid is a new form of e-liquid that has been made to replace nicotine derived from the tobacco plant. TFN E-Liquid is made from the extraction of nicotine from other sources like potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants which contain a small trace of nicotine. Traditionally, vape juice manufacturers used tobacco-derived nicotine for its accessibility and affordability but as TFN continues to grow in popularity TFN is becoming more and more accessible to manufacturers. TFN is a new innovation that is becoming the new norm for how vape juice manufacturers create their products.

Tobacco Free Nicotine

What Is Tobacco Free Nicotine?

Tobacco Free Nicotine is man-made, or synthetic, nicotine that is NOT made from the tobacco plant. Its a different nicotine options that was built to give you the same feeling of nicotine without the tobacco in it. It is constructed in a very special way which allows experts to recreate the nicotine without using tobacco. The nicotine molecule is in about 2,000 plant species but the molecule is more powerful in tobacco, which is why it is used. Vape juice manufactures are switching over to TFN because it gives the richest, and most purest form coming in at 99.98%. Which also gives it more potency. As an example, Tobacco Free Nicotine that is 10mg/ml in strength equates to a tobacco nicotine vape juice with a strength of 5mg/ml. A large part of the slow roll-out has been the cost. However, the cost of Tobacco Free Nicotine is finally becoming more affordable for vape juice manufacturers to use and has now become a viable option.

Benefits of using TFN?

  • Synthetically produced Nicotine offers an improved taste for some users.
  • The biggest reason is because synthetically produced Nicotine is a pure form of Nicotine. When you're extracting Nicotine from a tobacco plant, some impurities come from tobacco mixed in with the Nicotine. While these tobacco impurities that can be kept at low levels, they still offer a threat to users' overall health. In larger quantities, these tobacco impurities in the Nicotine can be hazardous. Not to mention that the impurities from the tobacco plants may greatly impact the taste of any vaping liquid.
  • With tobacco-free Nicotine, you don't have to worry about any impurities from a tobacco plant ruining the taste of the Nicotine. As a result, this will provide users with a cleaner taste, as well as minimize odor.

Tobacco Free Nicotine vs Freebase Nicotine?

There isn't a huge difference between traditional Nicotine and synthetically manufactured Nicotine. Both of these nicotine options will give you the same effect on your body. However when you using TFN you can see the difference in taste. Synthetic Nicotine is as safe as traditional Nicotine can be, it's just manufactured and derived from a different resource.


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