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Whether you're looking for a menthol, peppermint, or ice-flavored vape juice, we have you covered! With over 100+ menthol vape juice flavors, we carry a large collection of menthol e-juice from the top vape companies. Find brands like ORGNX Eliquids, Juice Head, Hi-Drip, Naked 100, Reds Apple E-Juice, and more! This collection features fruits, candies, drinks, and other flavor profiles blended with cooling ice. Our menthol e-juice comes in either freebase nicotine, tobacco-free nicotine, or salt nicotine. Menthol E-liquids are perfect for those transitioning from menthol cigarettes to vaporizers. There is nothing better than filling your mouth with a cold sensation. Shop menthol vape juice today!

Menthol Vape Juice

We have gathered an impressive collection of the most respectable menthol vape juice in the game. Find anything from pure menthol vape juice to fruit menthol e-liquid flavors. We carry many different flavor profiles, but menthol vape juice flavors continue to be a top seller. With a saturated market vape brands/manufacturers continue to come out with new and exciting menthol vape juice. Since the beginning of vaping, vape brands use alternative names to describe menthol vape juice like ice, peppermint, and mint knowing this we'll make your life a little less confusing. Menthol is a diverse ingredient that can be added to almost any flavor. In this collection, you'll find a variety of pure menthol vape juice and tasty menthol fusions like peach menthol. Being one of the most popular categories, many brands offer their e-liquids in menthol version, some even come out with full lines dedicated to menthol vape juice. Some vape juice brands that offer menthol e-juice include ORGNX E-Liquids, Naked 100, VGOD, and High-Drip.

One main reason menthol vape juice has become extremely popular in the market is that many smokers are coming off traditional menthol cigarettes making the transition easier. The great thing about menthol cigarettes is that there's a large collection of menthol vape juice. It is common for vape juice brands to offer both non-menthol and menthol vape juice making it extremely accessible to get the right flavor your looking for. To show you, take a look at ORGNX E-Liquids, both non-menthol and menthol flavors.

Top Menthol vape flavors

Menthol-flavored vape is a refreshing alternative to traditional vape flavors, giving users a clean and cool sensation. The cool and refreshing sensation of menthol is perfect for hot summer days. Adding a cool menthol sensation to your favorite flavors is one of the popular ways menthol has been featured in vape e-liquids. Vape manufacturers have made it a trend to at Menthol to their most popular flavors, it can be simply identified when vape brands use the term “Ice”, “Iced”, “chilled” or “freeze”. Vapers are more open to trying new flavors but there is nothing better than being introduced to a cool menthol taste in your favorite line of e-liquid and instantly knowing that it's going to be your new favorite.

Best Menthol vape juice brands

Blending a cool menthol sensation to your favorite e-liquid flavor has made Menthol one of the largest selections of vape flavors at Vape Street. Including some of the top brands and the best flavors, they have to offer with that hint of menthol you have been looking for, you are sure to find your next favorite flavor. We here at Vape Street have gathered some of the top e-liquid brands that infused menthol into some of their favorite formulas. Brands including ORGNX, Naked 100, Pod Juice, Cloud Nurdz, and many more have expanded their line of flavors by adding a hint of menthol creating a new flavor sensation.

Finding the best Menthol vape brands was no easy task but our vape specialist here at Vape Street has gathered the best brands the vape industry has to offer, making it easy for you to choose a vape flavor from a verified brand. If you are trying to find the best brand for a specific flavor we recommend trying at least three different brands we have selected that carry that same flavor, we guarantee you’ll find fall in love with one of the three. Also, feel free to contact us via chat or contact form and we’ll gladly make recommendations on flavors and brands.

What is the best menthol vape juice?

The cool and refreshing menthol vape e-liquid is one of the most popular flavors at Vape Street. With some of the top brands and best flavors around with a hint of menthol, we're sure to have what you're looking for! E-liquid brands we carry throughout this site have decided to infuse menthol in their formulas for extra flavor, we have gathered them together to make it easy and simple to choose from. The norm for vapor flavors is to be sweet and fruity, but with the rise of menthol mixtures, it's no wonder that brands are starting to experiment with new flavor options. Now you can enjoy a wide variety of mentholated favorites.

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