Yes. We have partnered with the top distributors and manufactures in the industry to bring you authentic and high quality vape products. Either we get our products from the manufacture themselves or a trusted vape distributor. Each product in our inventory goes under review to ensure the product is up to par with todays standards. Shop with confidence known every one of our products are authentic.

We are no longer offering in-store pickup.

Yes. As soon as we get new inventory it is distributed to all of our locations. However, during this process it is possible that one store may have the product and the others don't. For this reason we recommend our customers to call our locations ahead of time before placing a pick up order online.

All online orders are shipped from our Henderson, NV location.

Here at Vape Street we want you to have access to the best vape products the industry has to offer at affordable prices. We do this by offering you discount codes and special offers. Discount codes are usually found on our homepage carousel banner. To use a discount code simply input the discount code in the Checkout page.

No. In-Store rewards are only redeemable in-store. Our online store uses a completely different rewards system. You can find our online rewards program on the bottom left side of the screen.

Yes! We are true believers in cryptocurrency that is why we have integrated Coinbase Commerce to accept cryptocurrencies. To pay with crypto head over to the checkout page and under payment method you'll see an option for Coinbase Commerce. After clicking “Complete order”, you will be redirected to Coinbase Commerce to complete your purchase securely.