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Yami Vapor is a new e-liquid line known for its tasty and unique flavor combinations. The Yami Vapor line consists of Icy Trio, Taruto, Milkgat, Juusu, and Shaka. Yami Vapor's Icy Trio is a strawberry, kiwi, and lychee mixed with menthol for a refreshing cooling sensation. Taruto is a Portuguese egg tart and flaky crust pastry filled with rich and creamy vanilla custard. Milkgat is a sweet delicious nougat flavored e-liquid. Juusu is a fruity blend of apple, peach, and lychee. Finally, Shaka is a mixture of ripe mango and sweet mangosteen. Yami Vapor has set a new standard combining unique flavors that taste amazing once inhaled. Recently, with the rise of ultra-portable pod systems, Yami Vapor has created a new line named Yami Salt. Yami Salt consists of their most loved flavors but infused with salt nicotine. Shop Yami Vapor for a sweet and delightful vaping experience.

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