Vape Pink

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Vape Pink by Propaganda E-liquids takes you back to a simpler time with artisanal-grade flavors. Vape Pink's line consists of flavors like Cookie Butter, Swirl, Chew, and Whipp'd. To start Cookie Butter is warm and gooey oatmeal cookies dipped in milk and topped with brown sugar. Swirl is a Rainbow Swirls of Perfectly Whipped Sherbet Ice Cream. Chew is a mouth-watering pink chewy candy that leaves you always wanting more. Melon Blast is a blast of flavor from four juicy melons. Lastly, Whipp'd is a Fruit Paired With Smooth Vanilla Whipped Cream. Vape Pink E-Liquids delivers delightful flavors that will become your new go-to's when looking for an all-day sweet vape.

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