The Benefits of Vaping for Ex-Cigarette Smokers

The Benefits of Vape vs. Cigarette Smokers

If you're a cigarette smoker, you may be aware of the harmful chemicals they contain. Check out this article on why you should ditch cigarette and vape instead!

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Congratulations for quitting the habit of smoking cigarettes. That's no easy feat.

If you are like most cigarette smokers, you've tried quitting in multiple ways already. You've used patches, chewing gum, and even started exercising as a healthier habit. You've proven that you are determined to quit forever, but you've also found difficulty in following through with that.

You might still be struggling with your cravings -- physically and mentally. You might still be searching for ideas or practices that could help you refrain from a relapse. If so, you are doing the right thing by reading this article.

Listed below are several benefits you are sure to experience by smoking from a vape. Especially as an ex-cigarette smoker, you'll be interested to know that vaping might help you continue your abstinence from the nasty chemicals found in cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Users Are More Likely To Permanently Quit Cigarettes

Quitting any habit can prove to be troublesome. Quitting cigarettes is especially so, because of the physically addictive substance of nicotine in each stick.

You've probably gotten used to smoking a cigarette when you are stressed or you simply want to relax. That's normal, but that also makes your nasty habit even more difficult to break.

Fortunately, vaping is a great alternative to such a stress-relieving habit. Once you have an e-cigarette, you'll have a tangible and similar substance to turn to instead of cigarettes. You'll get to keep up the effort of smoking, but it won't be with a cancer-causing cigarette.

Users of e-cigarettes are found to be 3.15% more likely to stay off of cigarettes entirely, as opposed to ex-cigarette smokers who try to quit cold turkey. You'll find that a vape is the perfect cigarette replacement to break the habit permanently.

Vaping is Healthier and Less Irritating

You probably know exactly why you wanted to quit smoking cigarettes - and it probably centers around your health. You've seen all of the ads before that prove just how harmful those tobacco products are for your lungs, heart, and even teeth.

The liquids you inhale when you vape are significantly less damaging. They are focused more on a flavorful experienced instead of simply providing you with a buzz.

E-Cigarettes Are More Socially Acceptable

Have you ever been out to eat with a group of friends and needed to step outside for that necessary cigarette break? Did you ever feel a bit of a disconnect when you are the only one doing so?

Society itself is cracking down more on cigarettes every decade. You used to able to smoke on airplanes, and now it is considered a felony. Many cities are even starting to designate themselves as "smoke-free" locations by disallowing any place of business to offer indoor smoking.

Fortunately, e-cigarettes are widely accepted by comparison. Since the vapors are not dangerous to either the user or potential secondhand users, there isn't as much of a stigma surrounding a vape.

Even society's youth is starting to recognize the outweighing benefits of vaping. Data shows that since 2014, more teenagers are vaping than smoking cigarettes. That's comforting to know since vaping is clearly a healthier and less damaging habit.

E-Cigarette Flavors Taste Better!

As mentioned above, the vaping experience emphasizes the taste of the liquid. Cigarettes are only popular for the buzz one feels, but this comes at a cost of a nasty, bitter taste.

The vaping industry boasts of such a wide variety of e-cigarette flavors, and it continues to develop new ones. Here are examples of the many e-cigarette liquid flavors (also known as e-juices). You'll be able to find all genres of tastes -- from sweet, to sour, to fruity.

Vaping Is a Much Cleaner Habit

You quit cigarettes in order to improve many areas of your lifestyle, particularly so that you can live without the intense addiction to them. It also means you are living without the build-up of tar also associated with them.

The tar and chemicals that each cigarette is comprised of were seeping through your body and your air quality. You probably found tar residue in unlovely places.

Vaping, though, does not have such a strong negative effect on your health because the liquids are cleaner from chemicals. When you start to smoke a vape, you'll notice that compared to cigarettes, there is little to no mess for you to worry about.

A Vape Does Not Have Such a Strong Odor

When you were smoking cigarettes, you probably had to run your clothing through the washing machine more often than now. The strong and bitter odor of the nasty habit would permeate through any soft surface. It attached to your furniture, curtains, carpet, and even your pets!

Now, though, you have noticed that living without cigarettes means living without the stench of them. You don't have to go through extensive measures to make your home smell clean before guests come over.

Your home and clothing are easier to clean when you are vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. The only smell in the air might be the fruity flavor of juice you recently purchased.

Vaping is Cheaper Than Smoking Cigarettes

If none of the above benefits persuaded you how beneficial vaping is over smoking cigarettes, consider the financial costs.

On average, one pack of cigarettes costs around $5.50. At roughly two packs a week, the common cigarette smoker spends about $40-$50 a month on cigarettes.

Now take that monthly average and invest it in a quality vaping device! Sure, there are more upfront costs because of it, but with proper care, it can last for years on end. The liquid vials cost around the same as a pack of cigarettes, but they also last for a way longer time.

Overall, the long-term costs of a vaping habit are considerably cheaper (especially when you consider the medical costs of damage done by cigarettes).

Hopefully, by this point, you are convinced that getting an e-cigarette will help you stay off of cigarettes, which is essentially a priceless commodity. We know how important your health is to you, so we specialize in providing you with the highest of quality when it comes to e-cigarettes.

We encourage you to reach out to us today for any questions about vaping or any interest in purchasing our products. You won't regret it!

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