ORGNX Disposable vs. Flum Float

orgnx disposable vs flum float

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years with the rise of disposable vape devices. The convenience, useability, and affordability all make these devices a more appealing choice for new and experienced vapors. For pasted two years, Flum Float has dominated the vape industry when it comes to disposable vape devices. In mid-2022 ORGNX released a disposable device that carries some of the most beloved flavors that have been compared to Flums Floats icons line of flavors. Many other devices have been compared to the Flum Float since its release but none have been as close to matching its performance and flavors as the ORGNX disposable. ORGNX disposable vapes have been able to distinguish itself from the competition and it can compete with Flums best. Here we will be analyzing both of these devices by key features, and examining how they compare to one another. Hopefully, this article can clarify which device is best for you.

Key Features of the Flum Float Disposable

Flum Float is definitely a top vape disposable device and is sure to deliver amazing flavor. For those who want to try vaping but aren't ready to invest in a larger, more expensive vaping kit, the Flum Float is a great alternative. The Float is a sleek looking device that's simple to use and perfect for the on-the-go vapors. Simply pop it open, take the top off and inhale. A wonderfully designed mouthpiece makes sure that each breath is a smooth one. With a pre-filled cartridge, you will always have ample puffs and fresh flavor on hand. If you're looking for a device that provides smooth airflow and consistent taste, Flum Float comes with three airholes on the bottom is your best bet. The design of this device ensures that there are no restrictions in the airflow, so you can vape with ease. The Flum Float provides a light, pre-filled disposable vape that is small enough to put in your pocket. Approximately 3000 puffs in a 8ml of tank. Ramp up your vaping experience with the Flum Float vape kit. It comes with a 1100 mAh battery, offers 27 flavors and has excellent battery life. At 50mg, this strength is perfect for most vapers and it provides a comfortable hit to your throat. New to vaping? Flum Float this the perfect hassle-free vape device and perfect for beginners.

Key Features of the ORGNX Disposable

ORGNX has been primarily an e-liquid company that is transitioning some of there most beloved e-liquid flavor in to a disposable product. Their goal is to create an innovative and high-quality product for the vaping industry. They are now taking it one step further with their first disposable device, which is perfect for anyone looking for a device that can produce 4000 puffs before it needs to be replaced. It is well known that ORGNX has to produce the same delicious flavors in order to succeed as a disposable company, they took the time to develop the right device for there e-liquid. ORGNX filled a tank with 5% salt nicotine, which is perfect amount of nicotine to enjoy these latest flavor combinations. Equipped with an adjustable airflow system, this device lets you control how much air passes through the device, to maintain the right amount of airflow you desire. With a 650mAh rechargeable battery, you'll never need to stop in the middle of a vaping session to charge your device, LED light to help you indicate when you need to charge it. ORGNX device uses the latest USB-C connection port. You can quickly enjoy a powerful charge with our latest fast-charging technology. The taste and quality of our disposable flavors will be a pleasant surprise, you’re sure to enjoy.

The Differences Between Flum Float and ORGNX Disposable

The main differences between the Flum Float and ORGNX disposable are the puff count for each device, Flum Float can produce approximately 3000 puffs and the ORGNX disposable can produce approximately 4500puffs per device. The Flum Float and ORGNX disposable are great disposables device choices, but the other difference between them becomes clear once you've used them for a while. The ORGNX disposable device give you more bang for your buck, thanks to the quick charge available with its USB-C connection port, allowing you to use every single drop of e-liquid, unlike the Flum Float you can only use it until the battery dies off. They may seem like similar products at the surface, but after closer inspection, the Flum Float and ORGX Disposable have some key differences. For example, the Flum Float has a heavier weight to it because of the bigger battery used, the ORGX Disposable is rechargeable with a smaller battery so it's lighter than the Flum Float. However, the material of the ORGNX disposable makes it much more durable so you needn't worry about it breaking in your pocket or bag. The thing that distinguishes these two is their exterior design, they both taste great and carry several flavors you must try. 

Common Features Between ORGNX Disposable and Flum Float

One of the most noteworthy advantages both the Flum Float and ORGNX disposable have is its ease of use. Given the similarities in their features, you might think that both devices offer very similar advantages with a different approaches. Both have been built with the latest Mesh Coil technology, which is known to provide a better taste, creating a richer vapor. The similarities between ORGNX and Flum are quite indistinguishable, they both carry out the same vaping concept. They both of these devices are created to be disposable vape devices. The design of both devices is a little different, but they were both designed to be packet size and comfortable in the hand. These dives are created at different times, Flum Float was introduced first and has grown to be one of the most loved disposable devices while ORGNX disposable is a newer disposable device with a strong background in having great flavor. We have listed both products and all the flavors we carry, hopefully this help to make your decision for your next disposable vape. 

ORGNX Disposable

Vape Street: ORGNX Disposable

ORGNX Disposable Flavors

Main Features:

  • 5% Nicotine
  • 4500 Puffs
  • 9mL Juice Capacity
  • 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Pre-Filled
  • Pre-Charged


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Flum Float Disposable

Vape Street: Elf Bar Disposable

Flum Float Flavors

Main Features:

  • 5% Nicotine
  • 3000 Puffs
  • 8mL Juice Capacity
  • 1100mAh Battery
  • Pre-Filled
  • Pre-Charged


Disposables that are similar to Flum Float or ORGNX Disposable

If you're looking for an MTL vape experience, Flum Float and ORGNX are perfect! With a flavorful category of sweet fruit flavors and some unique flavor for those vapors that like to try different. A large number of vapers love the Flum Float flavors, and how the flavors taste. Although just as many people prefer ORGNX Disposables, the fresh juicy flavors are a huge hit with vapors. If you're interested in both of these devices but would like an alternative, we would recommend our #1 bestseller the FOG X Box, it comes with 20 different flavors to choose from. If you're looking for a new device to deliver your favorite e-liquid, Flum Pebble Disposable would be a great choice. They offer 14 different flavors and there's something for everyone. We offer a variety of disposable vape products that are perfect for first-time vapers, or anyone on the go. Subscribe to our newsletter for more product updates and details about our weekly specials, deals, and more.

Final Thoughts

There are many devices in the vapor market but both the Flum Float and ORGNX disposable offer a great option for new or experienced vapors. Both of these are very similar with a few minor differences. The ultimate decision for which is better will come down to personal preference for what type of flavors you prefer. The Flum Float has one of the most beloved flavor collections in disposables but on the other hand, ORGNX disposable has some of the most iconic e-liquid flavors added to a disposable. If you're not sure which disposable device to try, then check out our disposable collection. These are all hand-picked, high-quality products by our very own vape experts.

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