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Looking for the best vapes for the money? You have landed on the right page! Vapes have become the leading alternative for nicotine consumption because they give the same or even better experience than the traditional cigarette experience. With so many vape products on the market knowing what vape device you should go for can be a difficult process. They come in different shapes, sizes, and most importantly prices. Here we will walk you through the information you must know before buying an affordable vape device and even give you suggestions so you can make educated decisions on what device you should go for without breaking the bank.

What are vape devices?

Vape devices are responsible for delivering power and technology. They house the battery and internals of the device. They come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and features making each and every one of them unique. They are 4 main types of devices to consider before making a purchase. The 4 main types are Disposables, Pod Systems, Starter Kits, and Mods which we will be discussing in further detail. Each of the 4 devices caters to different styles of vaping therefore it is crucial to know which device is right for you. General features found in vape devices are draw/button activated firing, adjustable wattage, display interface, and built-in/external battery. Reliability usually comes depending on the build quality. Knowing what features you need will start you off on the right foot. Additionally, knowing what to look for will stop you from paying more for a vape device with features you won't need.

Types of vape devices

As mentioned above there are 4 main types of devices you need to consider before making a purchase. Knowing which one is right for you will set you up for success not only for saving some cash but for a successful vaping journey.


Disposable vape devices are perhaps the most popular category as of right now. They are the easiest and most convenient way of vaping. Depending on what type of vaper you are it might be the most affordable of them all. At its core, they're compact all-in-one vape devices that are meant to be disposed of. To further explain this, they house the battery, high nicotine e-liquid, and a coil meaning that you won't have to purchase any batteries, vape juice, and coils saving you money from buying additional parts. They are ready to vape straight out the box. Depending on which one you get there either rechargeable or non-rechargeable. For these reasons, vapers have turned to disposables. However, they don't last long, again they are meant to be disposed of after a couple of days or weeks of vaping. With disposables, you'll find yourself hitting the vape shop often to pick up a disposable vape device. The great thing is that vape brands continue to put out disposables that last longer at a cheaper cost than ever before. Vapers can find disposables starting from $8 to $25.

Pod Systems

Pod Systems are a step up from disposables, they offer the same cigarette-like experience because they utilize high nicotine e-liquid also known as salt nicotine but are made to last longer than disposables. Pod systems usually offer more features such as adjustable wattage, replacement coil, and adjustable airflow. Pod systems give you control over your device for a customized vaping experience. Since there are meant to use with salt nicotine e-liquid most pod systems have a lower wattage. This is because if pod systems were to be vaped in higher wattages you'll experience a harsh hit every time. If you are in it for the nicotine and are not interested in blowing large clouds or carrying around a larger device then pod systems might be the best fit. The only downside about pod systems is that users will have to replace some parts such as the pod, coil, and e-liquid. Pod and coils come in packs, less than $20, and usually last weeks of vaping. If you're new to vaping you might be intimidated replacing parts however pod systems can be simple devices to upkeep. If you plan to get the cigarette-like experience and plan to vape often then you'll find pod systems to be the best device for you. Pod systems are fairly priced ranging from $15 to $70.

Starer Kits

Starter Kits have been around for years now and have been the go-to for many vapers. Starter Kits are a paring between an atomizer and a box mod. They come with everything you need to start vaping away with the exception of the batteries. However, some vape kits come with built-in batteries so it's not the case for every kit. The atomizer houses the e-liquid and coil. The box mod offers the technology and power. Both work together to produce vapor. Starter Kits are used with freebase nicotine which contains less nicotine than salt nicotine e-liquid. This means that you can vape higher wattages produces larger vapor. Starter kits can reach power levels of 200 watts if needed. For the average vaper, we have found that 40W to 100W is the sweet spot. Depending on which one you get prices vary. For the latest kits with advanced features, you can easily find yourself spending upwards of $200. However, if you know what your looking for, you can save money by not overpaying for features you won't need. Usually, the more power the higher the cost. Other factors that contribute to the price are features and built quality. Note that with starter kits you will have to replace new batteries, coils, atomizers, and e-liquid every so often. Starter Kits are a great choice for those looking to blow large clouds and want less nicotine.

Box Mods

Another type of device is box mods, which are included when bought as a starter kit. However, box mods are sold separately. As mentioned above they are responsible for the technology and power. When you purchase a box mod it won't come with an atomizer. Atomizers have to be bought separately. Which is bad or good depending on what you're looking for. They are perfect for those who want to mix and match their vaping setup. Let's say you love the performance of a box mod but prefer the look of another atomizer then you might want to purchase the box mod and atomizer separately. However, doing this may cost you more than buying a starter kit that has all the parts. Box mods can range from $40 to $200.

What you should look for

Now that you have an understanding of the 4 different general types of devices it is time to talk about what you should look for in order to save the most money.

Type of vaping experience

For those looking for nicotine over large vapor production, you are looking for a disposable vape device or pod system because they are used with high nicotine e-liquid. For those looking for large vapor production over nicotine, you are looking for a starter kit or box mod because they are meant to be used with low nicotine e-liquid allowing users to produce more vapor with out the harshness.

Ease of use

If you're looking for a device that is extremely easy to use, small, and gives you that cigarette-like experience you will want to go with a disposable vape device. If you're looking for a device that gives you that cigarette-like experience with more customization features and lasts longer you will want to purchase a pod system. If you're looking for a device that delivers more power for larger vapor production your looking for a starter kit. If you're looking for a device that delivers less nicotine and less vapor you will prefer a pod system or starter kit because you'll be able to adjust wattage levels to your liking.

How much power do I need

Disposables: Disposables tend to not be chosen by power but by puff count. Users of this type of product opt for 1000-3000. For the longest vaping experience, you will want to get a disposable with anything above 3000 puffs and capable of being recharged.

Pod Systems: A device with a max output of 40 watts or less is perfect for high nicotine e-liquid. Keep in mind that most pod systems offer adjustable power output.

Starter Kits/Box Mods: A device with a max output of 100 watts is perfect for the average user. For larger clouds you'll want a device with a max output of 200W. Keep in mind that most starter kits offer adjustable power output.

Best Vapes For The Money

Below is a list of the best vape devices for the money. The products were chosen based on durability, longevity, and price. Be sure to refer back to this section every so often as we will continue to update this list as new products enter the market.

1. FOG X Magnum XXL Disposable Vape

Vape Street: FOG X Magnum XXL Disposable Vape

Main Features:

  • 5000 Approximate Puffs
  • 5% Salt Nicotine
  • 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 10mL Juice Capacity


Product Description

FOG X Magnum XXL Disposable Device is our longest-lasting disposable device yet. It's the latest and greatest disposable device by FOG X Vapor. The Magnum XXL offers a whopping 5000 puffs enough to last you weeks of vaping depending on usage. With the Magnum XXL you're able to recharge the disposable with a USB cable meaning that you will no longer need to worry about your disposable not firing. The battery has a 650mAh capacity enough to give you multiple days per charge. Forget buying juice, the Magnum XXL comes pre-filled with 10mLs of premium e-liquid. It is made for the on-the-go vaper looking to satisfy their nicotine craving with an easy-to-use and hassle-free device.

The FOG X Magnum XXL Disposables has made our Best Vapes For The Money list because it offers the most puffs at a low cost. Typically, an average puff count disposable (1000 - 3000 Puff) disposable can run you around $15. With this said, for the same amount of puffs you'll need to purchase about 2-3 disposables which can cost you around $30. With the Magnum XXL, you're getting 5000 puffs for less money.

2. SMOK Novo 4 Pod System

Vape Street: SMOK Novo 4 Pod System

Main Features:

  • Latest Leak Proof Technology
  • Air-Inlet Ring
  • 25W Max Output
  • 800mAh Built-n Battery


Product Description

SMOK Novo 4 Pod System is the latest version of the popular Novo lineup. The Novo 4 features the latest leakproof technology, air-inlet ring, 25W max output, and 800mAh rechargeable battery. SMOK offers the Novo 4 in different color/style variations. Each style comes in either a fluid, carbon fiber, cobra, or wood pattern making this device look stunning. It's made from Zinc Alloy that withstands wear and collision. Like the previous Novo version, the Novo 4 keeps its compact size making it easy to carry around. Setting the Novo 4 apart is an air-inlet ring on the front of the device allowing you to customize the airflow intake. Close it for a stricter draw or open it for an airy draw. Control the device with one button. Click 5 times to turn it on/off or click 2 or 3 to adjust the power. Built-In is a 0.49" OLED screen with a simple user interface displaying power, battery, and more. The Novo 4 is able to output 25 watts. Powering the device is an 800mAh rechargeable battery. Charge the device in 90 minutes using a type-C cable.

The SMOK Novo 4 Pod System has made the list and for good reason, it's one of SMOK's simpler devices with respectable features and power. Get the nicotine satisfaction you crave in a stylish and compact form without breaking the bank.

3. Geekvape L200 Starter Kit

Vape Street: Geekvape L200 Starter Kit

Main Features:

  • 200W Max Output
  • Tri-Proof Protection
  • 1.08" Full Screen
  • Type-C Charging
  • Dual 18650 Batteries(Not Included)


Product Description

The Geekvape L200 Starter Kit also known as the Aegis Legend 2 pairs the L200 Mod with the Geekvape Z Subohm 2021 Tank. The L200 mod is more durable and lighter than the previous version while still providing you with top-level performance. It offers 200W of output power, it's powered by two high amp 18650 batteries, and comes equipped with trip-proof technology. Adjust the output power using up and down adjustment buttons located in the main panel. The TFT display above the adjustment buttons beautifully displays information like power and battery life. Its made with IP68 materials that not only add to the aesthetic of the device but makes the device shock-proof, dust-proof, and water-proof. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Further, customize your vaping experience with TC mode. An A-Lock switch safety feature is conveniently placed on the side of the device. With the A-Lock you'll be able to lock your device from accidentally firing. Geekvape hides the charging port with a convenient flip cover preventing water or dust from entering.

The Geekvape L200 has to be one of the best devices for the money. It's a top seller that gives you the power to blow large and dense clouds. The great thing about the L200 is that it's built with durable materials. Be prepared to keep the L200 for a while.

4. SMOK RPM 4 Pod System

Vape Street: SMOK RPM 4 Pod System

Main Features:

  • Latest Leak Proof Technology
  • New LP2 Meshed Coils
  • 1650mAh Built-In Battery
  • 0.96inch TFT Display
  • 60W Max Power
  • 5mL Juice Capacity
  • Type-C Charging


Product Description

SMOK RPM 4 is the latest addition to SMOK's RPM lineup. It features a 1650mAh built-in battery, 60W of power, stepless airflow adjustment, fast charging, ultra-fast 0.001s firing speed, 0.96in TFT display, and 5mL RPM 4 pods. Powering the device is a built-in 1650mAh battery. Quickly charge the device with a type-c cable. The RPM 4 is able to output up to 60 watts more than enough to deliver dense vapor production. Control the device with a 3 button control face, 1 firing button, and 2 adjustment buttons. The 0.96in screen display power, puff count, and battery life. Once you press the firing button the device will output power in 0.001s seconds.

With the SMOK RPM 4 Pod System, you are really getting two devices in one. It offers enough power for freebase nicotine and salt nicotine e-liquid. If you want the best of both worlds the RPM 4 may be your number one choice for just under $40.

5. Geekvape Aegis Solo Starter Kit

Vape Street: Geekvape Aegis Solo Starter Kit

Main Features:

  • Single High-Amp 18650 Battery
  • 100W Max Wattage Output
  • 5.5mL Juice Capacity
  • Single 18650 Batteries


Product Description

The Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit continues the legacy of the Aegis series, unleashing a long-awaited single 18650 platform with 100W of maximum output while maintaining top-level durability to pair with the Cerberus Tank. The Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit maintains a desirable visual design, now available in a single 18650 battery platform, for a slimmer feel while retaining the shockproof and water-resistant elements. The internal AS-100 Chipset within the Geekvape Aegis Solo Box Mod allows for rapid and responsive firing speed, output range of 5W to 100W, and resistances as low as 0.05ohms. With a complete temperature control suite, the AS-100 chipset unlocks the modes available to dial in the perfect vape. Paired with the Geekvape Cerberus Tank, featuring a threaded top fill system, 5.5ml capacity today's popular ejuice, and the utilization of the flavor-enhanced Super Mesh Coils. The coil structure is also compatible with the TFV8 Baby Replacement Coils.

Just like Geekvape's L200 the Aegis solo is built with materials that are made to protect the internals. However, the Solo Kit offers 100 watts of maximum power and less battery. It's perfect for does look for a daily vape device without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best vape device for the money can be a hard process if you are not sure what exactly your looking for. Be sure to get to know the types of products are available to you and what they each have to offer. Knowing this will set you on the right path on choosing the best device to fit your vaping style. If the device your looking into didn't make the list don't worry we often run deals so you can get the latest devices at discounted prices.


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