Merlin RDTA by Augvape


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Merlin RDTA by Augvape

Augvape's Merlin RDTA takes the innovation of the critically acclaimed Merlin platform and elevates it to present a flagship RDTA with top level features and machining. The Merlin RDTA measures 24mm in diameter with an aggressive chassis design with quality CNC engraving and a reinforced tank section. Designed to create a supremely balanced overall system, the Merlin RDTA is the first Augvape product to integrate a self sealing fill port located centrally within the deck. The Center Fill Hole measures 5mm in diameter and is sealed when fully assembled by a sealing rod positioned in the mid point of the top cap assembly. Users can quickly and efficiently fill and seal the system with minimal disassembly, either by removing the entire top cap or unthreading the top section of the top cap to access the fill port. Inside, the Merlin RDTA features a two post build deck with extra large 4mm by 4mm terminals milled into each post. Two 8mm by 2.5mm airflow slots are positioned below the intended coil mounting space, and can be throttled accordingly by turning the top cap. Taking the Merlin platform into another level, Augvape's Merlin RDTA is a robust and dynamic system that effectively combines ergonomics, versatility, and affordability into one flagship product.

Product Features:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build DeckExtra Large Single Terminal Per Post 4mm by 4mm Terminal
  • Top Mounted Phillips Grub Screws
  • Dual Bottom Airflow Slots8mm by 2.5mm Each
  • Throttled via Adjusting Top Cap
  • Wide Area Wicking SlotsEasy Chassis Disassembly
  • Reinforced Internal Tank System
  • Allows for Steel to Steel Connections and Improves Durability
  • 24K Gold Plated Positive PostSolid Single Post
  • Superior Conductivity
  • PEEK Insulation
  • Self Sealing Top Fill System24K Gold Plated Solid 510 Contact5mm Center Fill HolePositioned Centrally Between Posts
  • Flows Directly into Reservoir
  • Sealed when AssembledPressure Fit Sealing Rod
  • Doubles as Spitback Prevention System
  • Threaded to Knurled Top CapExtremely Convenient and Intuitive
  • Proprietary Unit9mm Bore
  • Connected to Sealing Rod and Spitback Prevention System
  • 3.5ml Maximum Capacity
  • 304 Stainless Steel and Borosilicate Glass Tank Section

Product Includes:

  • One Merlin RDTA
  • One Additional Glass Tank Section
  • Extra O-Ring and Screw Pack
  • Phillips Driver
  • User Manual